I Colli Berici


The Berici Hills

The land of Andrea Palladio

Gentle and winding, the Berici Hills are a corner of paradise, still little known nowadays. They rise up as a green uncontaminated island among the fogs of the Po Valley. They were an island in the middle of the sea, which had emerged from the temperate waters of a tropical sea millions of years ago as a consequence of the wrinkling of the Earth’s crust. Le Pignole believes in the authentic stimulus coming from the poetry of their own lands: here you can discover innumerable paths immersed in the green, where a treasure of genuine tastes opens. I Colli BericiThere are still villas, palaces and squares: architectural jewels that enrich the city thanks to the studies done by the noted architect, Andrea Paladio.
To know and love.

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