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Villa's Shop

Typical Vicentine products in the wine cellar

A land reveals itself through its wines and other local products. Le Pignole have created a sales point in their wine cellar, a unique place where grappas, truffles and cheeses, hams and salamis, Grumolo rice, Marola asparagus, bread and baked goods, coffee are available for purchase. All the products come from VILLA family-owned farm enterprises and craft shops – Vicenza Luxury Labels, the trademark that unites the best of Vicentine wine and gourmet products. The sales point in the wine cellar will be like an open market, selling typical local products, and open weekdays and Saturdays.Villa's ShopWell-lighted and modern, the shop is in line with the spirit of the family-owned farm enterprise, and is in continuous evolution. One corner of the shop is dedicated solely to tasting.
The food speaks for us.

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