Il Tai Rosso

Tai Rosso

Berici Hills wine

Autochthonous grape variety of the Berici Hills, the Tai Rosso claims a relationship with the French Grenache and the Spanish Guarnacha. It seems it was brought in the Vicenza territory by Cistercian monks in the fourteenth century, on their way back from Avignone, from the Rhone valley. Tai Rosso Since then the Tai Rosso has become “the wine of the Berici” and expresses the entire tipicity of this territory. With the passing of time two production philosophies were created: the former directed to ready to drink wines with a light colour, the latter to more structured wines with an intense colour. The choice taken by Le Pignole was to comply with the vocation of the Tai to produce important long-living wines. The Torengo was the result, a wine with an intense ruby colour, a wide bouquet and a definite structure.
Unique and memorable.

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